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European Projects

Artex is committed to the implementation of EU and international cooperation projects, with the primary objective of promoting and supporting all expressions of artistic and traditional craftsmanship.

Artex’s commitment in this direction is supported by the presence of a network connecting companies with public and private professional structures that operates in the craft sector at national, European and international level; the concrete result of this strategic collaboration has been, over the years, the realization of numerous events, projects, and activities.

An example, in this regard, is “Crafting Europe“, a program of which Artex is the only Italian participant, aimed at promoting the integration between new technologies and traditional artisanal know-how, through the fusions of the experience of artisans, designers and digital creatives.

Artex is also a partner of the Horizon Europe Tracks4Crafts (Transforming crafts knowledge for a sustainable, inclusive and economically viable heritage in Europe) which examines and transforms the transmission of traditional crafts knowledge (TCK) to enhance the societal and economic valuation of crafts and align them with a future-oriented heritage approach in Europe.

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