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Welcome to “The Master’s Voice: artisan stories of creativity, innovation and enterprise“. This podcast is an initiative of Artex – Centro per l’Artigianato Artistico e Tradizionale della Toscana – promoted by the Tuscany Region in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese Toscana and CNA Toscana. Artex’s mission is to promote, support and enhance the great variety of expressions of Tuscan artistic craftsmanship and beyond. The Master’s Voice is a project created to tell the stories of the Master Artisans of Tuscany through their voice, and to listen to their experiences discovering sounds and stories of art. The Master Artisans represent not only undisputed figures in the panorama of high quality Made in Italy, but also and above all the fulcrum of a path of transmission of the know-how to the new generations, with the aim of revitalizing and projecting this sector towards the future. Through the figures of master artisans, Tuscany aims to enhance the quality professions of the territory, and to develop training courses geared at creating new entrepreneurship in the field of artistic craftsmanship. The Master’s Voice podcast narrates the successes, failures, difficulties and satisfactions of the great artisans, figures who have always shaped the raw material using ingenuity, dexterity, innovation and creativity. Through their stories we will discover what lies behind the object, the work, and the aesthetics, and we will understand the master’s vision. A journey into and behind the scenes of these manual arts, to discover artisanal crafts that are projected towards the future.
This is the Master’s Voice.

Please note that the podcasts are in Italian.