China furnishes Italian-style – Forum on the Chinese Interior Decoration Market



As part of its 2013 promotional program, ICE - Agency for promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian firms – has started a Project for promotion on the Chinese market of Italian interior decoration firms, in collaboration with FederlegnoArredo, COSMIT , Confartigianato and CNA, with the support of Triennale, Unioncamere, the Region of Tuscany and Toscana Promozione.


The Project, of three-year duration, aims at enhancing the competitiveness of Italian companies working in China. The actions to be carried out in Italy and in China will involve media, decision makers, VIP, Chinese and Italian distributors and companies that deal in classic, modern and contemporary interior decor.


Italian companies will be able to participate in the China Project through initiatives in Italy, followed by pinpointed actions in China in the second half of 2013.


Under the project, on Friday March 8, 2013 (9:00 am) at the Santa Apollonia Auditorium in Florence a "China furnishes Italian-Style" Forum will take place.




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